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Reference Control Panel
PRIME POWER RATING is applicable for supplying electrical power in lieu of commercially. commercially purchased power for an unlimited number of house at variable load. A 10% overload capability is available.
STANDBY POWER RATING is applicable for supplying emergency for the duration of the utility  power outage. No overload capability is available for thir rating. All ratings are corresponds to ISo 3046, BS 5514 and DIN 6271.

Genset Arrangement
The radiator cooled engine is closed cuouple to alternator mounted on baseframe. Completed with ruber mounting pads to reduce vibration and builtd in control panel for genset monitoring.

Base Frame
Engine, radiator and alternator assembly are direct mounted on a heavy duty fabricated welded steel base frame.

Four stroke diesel engine, multi cyclinder, water cooled. Completed with replacement air, oil and Fuel filter element, fuel lift pump, speed governor, fuel stop solenoid, pusher fan, water pump, Thermostat, starter motor and carger alternator.
GOVERNOR - fixed speed type meeting the requirement of BS5514 class A1 for high requirement of accuracy.
RADIATOR - Integral with engine driven pusher fan either temperature on tropical duty depending on site condition.
ENGINE PROTECTION - the engine has protection of low oil pressure and high coolant temperature.

Brushless self regulating, self exciting type, screen protected and drip proof enclousing meeting The requirement of BS4999 part 20. Single bering construction with drive from engine via a flexi disc coupilng bolted directly to engine flywheel. Winding insulaion class H. Votage regualation is Maintened to Within the limits kurang lebih 1% at any fix load (no oad or full load). PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator (optional).

Control Panel
Free stand mounted on base frame (for open type) or built in bonnet (for silent type consisting of :
  • Volmeter and phrase selector switch - Ammeter and selector switch - Frequency meter
  • House Counter - MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker) - Instrument fuses - DC On - Switch, thus module has protections and will shutdown on oversped, low oil preassure and high coolant Temperature condition. LED indicator will illuminate if any shutdown occurs,
  • Emergency push button

Each set supplies with :
  • Battery (lead acid type ) - Muffler (residential type for silent type genset and industrial type for open genset) - Daily fuel tank - Engine and alternator books
  • Every door completed with look door for silent type - HARGEN warrantly book
  • Certificate of origin HARGEN - General tool kits

Option for Panel
AUTOMATIC MAINS FAILURE & AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH - Wall of floor mounted and arranged for bottom cable entry wuth side high acces door and completed with :
  • Volmeter and phase selector switch
  • Amperemeter and selector switch
  • frequency meter
  • Auto / Manual switch
  • Pilot Lamp
  • Mains or Genset supply indicator lamp
  • DC ammeter
  • Battery Charger
  • Weekly warming
  • Up timer
  • Control relay
  • timer relay
  • Mains Contractor
  • Genset Contractor Load terminal.

Option for Genset Accessories
Acomprehensive range of option are avaible to suit your precise requirement and include mobile trailer, parallel / synchcrone panel, bulk fuel tank, fuel transfer system, etc.

On site installation, routine maintenance, repairs and spare parts are available upon request.

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